How NOT to Start a Recipe – Part 2

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How NOT to Start a Recipe - Give yourself enough time

Before You Even Think of Starting a New Recipe,读这个


我不能过分强调这一点:仅仅因为食谱上说它们可以在30或45分钟内从头到尾制作,并不意William Hill羽毛球味着一个对食谱或技术不熟悉的人可以在这么长的时间内重新制作食谱。很多时候,我们已经坐下来研究过去的配方。supposed晚上8:30做一顿7:00的晚餐,因为你真正没有实际地估计准备这顿饭需要多长时间。

As much as I would like to say I am,我不是专业厨师。我也不是,or most of us,一个有幕后工作人员帮助我的电视人物。

The Fix – Know Thyself

As you are looking over your recipe to get an idea of total work time,对你在厨房里的优点和缺点要非常现实。虽然一些时间可以用在表面上(冷藏2小时,let rest for 45 minutes,etc),others are dependent,in part,on your skill level.

如果菜谱上说总的准备时间需要15分钟,而且要切碎大蒜,chopping onions and tomatoes,切胡萝卜和芹菜,量香料和草药,想想你的刀艺是如何发展起来的。

如果你的刀法是,pardon the pun,锐利的,it may only take fifteen minutes.  If you have not achieved samurai status yet,it might take you half an hour to do the prep.If you have an entire menu planned for the week and you know that you'll need chopped onions and tomatoes for tonight and tomorrow night's meal,去准备足够的两种食谱。William Hill羽毛球

那样,you'll have some of the prep already done when you walk into the kitchen to start preparing the next evening's meal.  You'll feel almost like you have a prep cook.  And you do:  you were your own prep cook the day before!Now you're the chef,so get cookin'.

The Infamous"与此同时"

我做了多少次半途而废的菜谱却遇到了恐惧威廉希尔免佣百家乐meanwhile.它经常指的是一项任务,让你打自己的前额,然后说,"NOW you tell me!""



arrow与此同时,cook the pasta until al dente in a pot of boiling water

arrow与此同时,sauté 2 cups of onions

arrow与此同时,de-bone the entire chicken

Cookbook writers either assume we read their William Hill羽毛球recipes carefully before we start 威廉希尔免佣百家乐or we are mind readers.  Did they forget that it takes time to get the grill hot or the water boiling??

The infamousMeanwhilealso has some cousins that you need to be aware of.  They includeThe day before,,The next dayand冷藏过夜.As you read the recipe thoroughly,make sure you recognizeMeanwhile和他的表兄弟们,相应地计划你的时间。


Make sure you understand all the terminology before starting to cook.It does you no good getting three quarters through a recipe to find out you don't know what it means to julienne a carrot or flambé bananas.  It's no fun to have to run to your computer to learn how to"scald"一杯牛奶或”澄清“一只股票。

这些条款可能会让你“汗水”想“knock back"an adult beverage which really means to cook food slowly in a covered pan in a small amount of fat so the juices run into the pan and press out the air bubbles in dough that has risen before shaping and proofing.See how confusing it can be??

阅读所有烹饪动词的食谱:切碎,朱丽安sauté,炖肉,是的,sweat and knock back.  If you are unsure of how to accomplish these tasks,find out before you begin to cook.  Either look them up in the indices or glossaries of your cookbooks or find out by searching on the Internet.


如果你已经通读了食谱,you should have all of your ingredients on hand.  This is not a perfect world,though,即使是最注重细节的人有时也会忘记一些事情。

If,when making a recipe,you discover that you have forgotten an ingredient,你必须决定你是否可以没有它而活(哦,no—I forgot to get 1 tomatillo for the white chili) or if it is so crucial to the recipe that you have to stop and run out to the store in the middle of what you were doing (oh,no—I'm out of flour and I'm baking bread).

The Fix—Line Them Up




Gather all the ingredients that you will need and put them on the counter.  Make a list of everything else you need,shop your list,把所有的原料放在柜台上(或者放在冰箱的一个地方,depending upon the ingredient).

I have even counted the number of ingredients listed in the recipe and then counted my ingredients to make sure the numbers match up.  The last thing you want to do when you're cooking,especially if you are dealing with time and heat issues or a really involved recipe,就是跑去商店。


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